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Masakatsu Sashie's solo exhibition entitled "Flickering of Fluorescent Light" includes new works and is being held in his hometown of Kanazawa, also home of his alma mater, the Kanazawa College of Art where he completed his Master of Arts degree.

Sashie has an ambivalent attitude towards his hometown that goes beyond the simple dichotomy of "like" and "dislike" and he conveys the complexity of these feelings in his paintings, at times implicitly, sometimes explicitly, which he continues to do even as he has become well known for his series of works depicting floating spheres. In addition to the representative “Sphere Series” and the "Pennant Series" of the early 2010s, two large-scale paintings of the "Battleship Series" are shown in this exhibition. Sashie had been working on these two works since the late 2000s and they were part of the Kanazawa-themed works he exhibited in 2018; however, he decided to develop the images further and continued to add elements to them, finally turning them into the key works of the present exhibition. These works are full of humor, playfully combining the names of places and stores associated with Kanazawa with the names of battleships that once existed. While Sashie’s interest in approaching global issues in our contemporary society remains the same, this exhibition also offers a glimpse into his under-appreciated awareness of local issues.



(Cultural Studies Scholar, Lecturer at Kanazawa College of Art)

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